Jen Abdoui, Producer /Screenwriter /Script Doctor
Jen Abdoui was the script doctor for Meet the Hammernickys, a project in pre-production at Park Slope Films. She is in development with Entourage Films to produce a 26 episode comedic drama entitled Staffwrecks.

Georgia Aprila, Associate Producer
Georgia Aprila is the associate producer for box25cinema and served as their line producer for Boxing Day. She has a degree from Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland and from the Institute of Audio Research.

Adam Berger, Carpenter /Set Design
Adam Berger has a degree in civil engineering. His skill in carpentry has made him the lead set designer for Park Slope Films.

Nicole D'Alessio, Production Assistant /Set Design
Nicole received a degree in media studies from Hunter College. Her previous work experience includes interning at the MTV Networks Nicktoons department. She has assisted with set design on such projects as Lucid and also performs general production assistant duties on all Park Slope Film's productions.

Jody Dobson, Director /Producer
Jody Dobson is a director, producer, and founder of box25cinema .After directing Rain in 2004 he produced and directed Boxing Day in 2005, both for box25cinema for more info check out Dobson co-produced both York Street and Lucid with Park Slope Films, and his directing credits include various theatrical and film projects throughout the U.S.

Chris Dorino, Composer/Music Producer
Chris composed the entire score to the "Tell Tale Heart" and collaborated on the score for "York Street." Chris also works on various side projects and recordings such as"The Adventures of Natty Dread."

Joyce Hodges Gladd, Associate Producer /Production Assistant
Joyce Hodges Gladd has been involved with Park Slope Films since the beginning. She contributes to the company in a variety of ways: creating dialogue, collaborating on set design, and filling in as an extra when necessary.
Email: or

Samantha H. Gladd, Production Assistant/Support
Samantha works on the administrative side of Park Slope Films. She types and edits (not for content) scripts, maintains files of a media articles on all PSF productions. She is also responsible for writing and editing some of the information on the PSF website.

Edward Heegan, Actor & Producer
most recently played the central character in Park Slope Films latest feature "Apostles of Park Slope" and also served as Executive Producer to the project.  He originally joined the Park Slope Films team with the lead role in the feature "York Street". Heegan is a seasoned actor with past studies at the Stella Adler Conservatory and the Actor's Alliance. He has acted in several independent films and has appeared in such productions as Robert DeNiro's "A Bronx Tale", "Third Watch", "Law & Order" and "The Sopranos". He currently resides in Brooklyn and collaborates with Park Slope Films as a multimedia producer, and creative consultant
Edward Heegan's IMDB page
Edward Heegan's acting reel

Jeffery S. Jones, Director/Screenwriter
Jeffery studied at the New York Film Academy, with Lee Strasberg in Los Angeles and at Columbia College in Chicago. "JADED", Jeffery's first feature film, is based on his successful original Off-Broadway show "Games People Play." He is also founder of Not sew Productions. Notsew Productions was founded in 2000 by Jeffery S. Jones. A film and theater company dedicated to cultivating and inspiring gay-friendly arts. The company produced various Off-Broadway plays including the long running hit "Games People Play," produced in 2003. Director/screenwriter Jeffery S. Jones crafted a film that explores the complexities of four very unique but familiar characters. Set against the backdrop of hustler bars, jails and drag clubs; "JADED" may at first seem bizarre, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be frighteningly real. "JADED" is Notsew Productions first feature film project.

Rah-nee Kelly, Writer
Rah-nee was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the PSF team. She will be graduating from New School University with an M.A. in media studies in the spring of 2006. After graduation, she will be returning to Tokyo to continue working on a documentary chronicling the rise and history of Hip-Hop in Japan. Rah-nee is a photographer, writer, filmmaker and performer. She co-produced and assist directed "4 More Years," a mockumentary following Billionaires for Bush, as well as did some post-production work on the newly released documentary "Boys of Baraka." Her future plans include attending Kobe Design University in 2007 to begin her quest for her PhD. Rah-nee thanks everyone involved in the production and looks forward to working with PSF in the future. Be on the lookout for her piece, "Under 1 Roof," out soon.

Jocelyn Lombardo, Actor /Writer
Jocelyn Lombardo first collaborated with Park Slope Films as an actress in York Street. Since that time she has continued to work with the company as an actress and as a writer, helping to create and edit both website content and public relations materials. Trained by Gene Frankel, she continues to work as an actress and her most recent projects include the short Resuscitate, the A & E network special, Helen of Troy, and the indie feature Jungleland.

Martin Luque, Computer Graphics Artist
Martin Luque graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a fine arts degree, concentrating in animation work. He has experience working on logo design, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, film editing and web design. He has utilized his talents in helping to create the Park Slope Films website. In 2004, Park Slope Films distributed his short claymation film entitled Paper Rock Scissors at the Coney Island Film Festival.

Mark Elliot Mirand, Composer
Mark Elliot Mirand is the composer of the musical score for The Bag and served as one of the primary composers for the feature York Street. He also composed original music for the Park Slope Film short The Joe Higgins Story. For more information on Mark, check out his website at

Nicole Nielsen, Boom Operator /Make-up
Nicole Nielsen was the main boom operator for several Park Slope Films productions including The Bag, York Street and several shorts. In addition, Nielsen served as head make-up artist in York Street and assisted with special effects make-up for The Joe Higgins Story.

Ricardo I. Pantoja, Director of Photography/Assistant Director
A childhood friend and former classmate of Jason Cusato, Ricardo is one of the original members of Park Slope Films. When they were kids, he and Jason started out doing audiotape shows before moving to sketch shows using an old VHS camera. Ricardo served as assistant director for "When Broomsticks Were King," "The Bag" and "The Brooklyn Trilogy." He also tried out his cinematography skills on "When Broomsticks Were King," "The Bag" and "The Joe Higgins Story." He also helps on filling in as an extra ("When Broomsticks Were King," "The Bag," "York Street" and "The Brooklyn Trilogy.") He added his talents in ADOBE Photoshop initially by making the covers, posters and stills for the films. His input and ideas for the creation and of the logo were major factors in the design. He also assists with the composition of music and is involved with some local bands as a promoter. Ricardo was a visual arts student of Long Island University (where he learned to use ADOBE Photoshop) and New York Technology after serving 4 years in the US Navy.

Derek Primont, Filmmaker /Screenwriter /Actor /Producer
Derek studied filmmaking and screenwriting at the School of Visual Arts. Along with Cusato, Primont co-directed and acted in The Christmas Special I, The Christmas Special 2 and Christmas Special 3. He also co-wrote the screenplay for Meet The Hammernickys. Currently he is drafting two new scripts and has founded the film company First Mountain Productions.

Joe Sangillo, Producer
Joe studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York. His theater credits include "Diamonds and Lovers" and "Games People Play" (the Off-Broadway play by Jeffery S. Jones which inspired the film "JADED"). Joe's television credits include appearances on several daytime dramas including ABC-TV's "One Life to Live" and CBS-TV's "As the World Turns." He also founded, in 2004, JS OmniMedia. A production, casting, consulting and management company. The company teamed up with Jeffery S. Jones, an accomplished writer/director, to produce the successful Off-Broadway play "Games People Play." The play inspired the pair to collaborate on a second production, the independent film "JADED."

Ray Wiederhold, Actor
Ray Wiederhold is a Brooklyn based actor who has appeared in several theatrical productions in New York City and Connecticut. Most recently he has appeared on NBC's Law and Order Trial by Jury and several commercials for the ESPN Network. He has been associated with Park Slope Films as an actor and has worked on the feature York Street.